How to Use the Verbal Pain Scale or VNRS-11

Hi guys! It has been a while since I posted on my blog and here’s the first one for 2015! Fresh from the hospital, I got myself to record a Vlog for my YouTube One Channel.

I got to diagnose myself as having an appendicitis. Of course, I couldn’t operate on myself so I got a friend, Dr. Arnildo Tamayo to do it for me. It just so happens that he is a very good surgeon and he follows the Philippine College of Surgeons policy of No Antibiotics, No Analgesics policy prior to my emergency appendectomy. So I felt the pain all the way right up to the Operating Room.

In this video I discuss how the resident doctors and nurses made mistakes in asking for my pain grade. I show you guys tips on how to do it better. Also I provided a link for the best way or method in providing a good pain scale:

Also I offered my viewers a simple question:

What do you think about the current practice of Filipino surgeons in maintaining the No Analgesics, No Antibiotics policy prior to an emergency appendectomy?

I know some of you would say that the PCS has changed the policy into giving Amoxicillin-Clavunalic Acid 1.2 grams single dose pre-op and opting for Tramadol as a good pain reliever. It’s in their website.

However, most of the surgeons do not practice this, whether they are public hospital physicians or private practioners. They often cite that they are not yet that 100% certain which is why they don’t follow the guideline.

What degree of certainty is needed before they give pain relievers?

Write down what you think below and I’ll put your comments up for review with guest surgeons in a future episode or post.

Take care guys! Happy blogging!

Happy 100th Post to Public Health Resources!

For the past 6 months, I have been busy producing a new blog called Public Health Resources. It has received some 7,000 views over the course of its creation and today, I have just finished publishing the 100th post entitled: “Calculation for Normal Maintenance of Intravenous Fluid Infusion.”

The Need

The blog was made under the precept: “I hate the DOH Philippines website.” Ever since 2006, I have had difficulty surfing the website and it really really sucked. For the design, it has improved over the  years. True, but the content didn’t. I am a self-taught IT expert with no diplomas and certification. But even with that handicap, I know that the website has big problems on its architecture.

It has been a grueling 7 years of frustration. I needed data coming from the Department of Health (DOH) since majority of my patients are FIlipino (10-20% per month are from other countries). I need data that are specific to Filipino patients with management that can cater perfectly to them. It will take you an hour to browse through the DOH website to find out a specific government program and learn about it and another half an hour to find out that it doesn’t exist anymore.

Majority of the important articles are not on the webpages themselves. Trust me. You can get to the webpages through Google and be disappointed to find out that the one paragraph information contains none of what you are looking for. Most of the data are in a database of memorandums and administrative orders coming from the Department Health Secretary. That’s where you’ll find all the patient treatment standards approved by the Department of Health and its branches.

The main problem is that the important data is not Search Engine Optimized. It’s not even Website optimized. The memorandums are in PDF’s and they are a bunch of scans that cannot be read by Google. Some scans are so bad, my eyes have trouble deciphering them. They are even advertising Health Beat magazines that cannot be downloaded properly from their servers.

And how about the techie doctor who can afford great bandwidth in their cellphones. He’d be frustrated like me to find out that the website is not even optimized for mobile.

The  news clippings from the Department of Health is nice but that’s just all there is to it.

The Site

I do not want to create another DOH webiste, God forbid. But rather I want a website that can decipher all that information from the DOH website and bring all the data to those who need it in a form that can be understood by a similar public health practitioner. The future has a great potential. Pretty soon Cable TV’s will die and the flow of information will be seamless in bytes. Content like those in Public Health Resources and in my YouTube Channel will be viewed easily on TV screens and those that really need it quick must get the information in a form that is not hard to navigate or much less needed to be downloaded.

So I made the site. I used a blogging platform to have seamless CSS mobile integration. Also, the SEO optimization is easy after the Panda update on Google. I just need it to rank and be seen along a lot of social channels. Formulating the navigation would be easy for me since I have familiarity over blogging platforms. The only downside is the domain name. I still have no cash to feed this baby because my credit card hasn’t been resurrected yet. So I have to stick with blogspot.

The Content

Even though I have enjoyed some SEO induced traffic, my content remains to be dull. If you have visited the website just now from the links I have provided above, you’ll see why I call it dull. It’s an information website and I have to be as accurate as possible with as little side notes as possible. The evolution of the website has been planned out. The first 200 or so posts will be information rich data that are needed by my target demographic: doctors, nurses, midwives, and health workers with or without mobile internet access.

The rest of the posts will be clinical practice suggestions linking to the proper reference embedded in the website. It’s a daunting task that’s why it took me 7 years to convince myself. Now that it’s live, it has taken a life of its own. So feel free and enjoy the website. More content to follow Public Health Resources.

Impress a Girl with Sumgyupsal

Whoops it’s Korean night all of a sudden and you’re caught unprepared! Try this tasty treat for your special someone tonight. It’s called Sumgyupsal, or in some it’s spelled Sumgyeopsal. If you’re searching the net for a sudden date emergency and you found this blog first, you’re in luck because you might just be James Bond tonight.

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