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Discourses in Philippine Primary Care


Primary Care is a very important bridge to the very complex network that is called Medicine. It is very hard to navigate the complex landscape. You can approach one doctor and ask about a certain ailment but if you ask another, he/she will tell you a different advice. Each individual answer is subject to bias. How do you avoid bias? You can’t. But by having a primary care physician you know and trust, you can be sure the bias is for your own good.


I’m Dr. Zero Mella and I don’t pretend to be anything but a physician. And this is my personal blog! It’s an adventure log of sorts. I don’t confine myself to medicine didactics in this blog. There are a lot of things to explore and talk about. And I like to talk about a lot of stuff. Life is like that, full of wonderful experiences unique to each specific individual. Hit that subscribe button anytime you’d like to hear more. I don’t blog more often nowadays due to a hard-pressed schedule. But you can be certain it’s worth your time.

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