Preventing Kidney Stones: Lemonade works, why can’t Calamansi Juice?

East Bajac Bajac, Olongapo City – A lot of urologist research have pointed out the benefits of Lemonade as an effective kidney stone prevention modality. The citrate content per gram of Lemon squeeze can effectively increase the content of citrate in the urine, alkalinize it, dilute stone forming compounds, or prevent calculus formation.

The problem is lemons and lemonade are uncommon in the Philippine market. Calamansi fruit however is widely available and is even grown in home and community gardens. Local study by Domingo et al shows that citrate content per gram of calamansi is lower than the content found in potassium citrate tablets and is therefore not recommended as a primary treatment for the disease. Nonetheless, the author recommends it as an adjunct and the possibility of calamansi’s protective capability as a good subject for study!

Calamansi is a cheap produce. It is used both as a juice and as a spice. Eveyday use can be a reason why kidney stones is uncommon in primary/community care practice. Let’s promote Calamansi Juice as a great health drink pioneered by Filipinos!

A liter of water, two spoons of sugar or honey (great for sore throat), and 6 – 12 pieces of calamansi (depends on your taste) can be a good recipe. Increasing oral fluid intake to produce urine output of 2 liters per day and avoiding salt can also help in preventing kidney stones.

Other ways to prevent kindey stones are as follows:

  • Maintain calcium intake of 1g per day
  • Limit Ascorbic acid to less than 1g
  • Limit Oxalate in diet
    • Spinach
    • Strawberries
    • Nuts
    • Dark chocolate
    • Cocoa
    • Brewed Tea

10 thoughts on “Preventing Kidney Stones: Lemonade works, why can’t Calamansi Juice?

  1. i pity my husband when i heared his agony of pain causing by his kidney stones last night. I ran as fast as i can to a pharmacy because he asked me to bought sambong,mefenamic and sodium. His pain was reliieved but still he complain again and again of his pain.what else could i gave him to prevent his kidney stones or to make his pain less.

  2. meron po ako kidney stones..tiny non obstructing calcinoses are seen on my both kidney..ung urologist ko binigyan po ako potasium citrate and after 4 mos ng pa KUB ulit ako..meron pa ring stones and meron na ring is posible ba na mccra na kidneys ko?

  3. i have renal cortical cyst in my right kidney, I just wanna ask is there something medicine to take in order to shrink my kidney cyst? or wat foods or juice I should eat or not?

  4. Hi, great blog, thanks for sharing all these articles 🙂 I just have a question regarding ‘cleansing’ or ‘flushing.’ Your article is about prevention, but what if you already have kidney stones? What should you do to get rid of them? I asked our family doctor and he does not believe that there is such thing as cleansing and flushing of one’s kidney and liver. I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Perhaps another article? If you already wrote about it, I can’t seem to find it. I would be grateful if you can share the link here. Thanks 🙂

    • If you have stones, the best thing to do is to have them analyzed. You need to know which type of stones you’re kidneys are producing and then you can avoid food types that predispose you to that stone. Also, citrate dissolves stones. That is the same citrate that is in lemons and the drug potassium citrate. It dissolves it but if you are still eating the diet that can predispose you to make stones, you’ll keep making them.

      “Flushing” or cleansing the body is a mighty good concept. It doesn’t exist, yet. That is why “prevention” is better because, damage to your body in any organ is usually permanent. Wait a few years though, you might just live to see it come forth.

  5. pano pa yan, nagtatake po ako ng 500 mg ng vit C then umiinom ng gatas, so if ung gatas na iniinom ko is may content na 1000mg vit C (per glass), di po ba ako makaka iwas sa kidney stones kasi a total of 1500mg ng vit C tinetake ko everyday?

      • Bakit ganun ung iba ni rerecommend nila drink calamansi juice to prevent the kidney stone bat iba iba ang studies nyo since ang calamansi eh napa ka helpful pagdating sa immune system kung susundin namin ung recommendation mo manghihina naman kami kasi kailangan ng katawan ang vit c ung ascorbic acid pala ng nagpapa form ng kidney stone

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