Writer’s Block

Personal events that have transpired within the last 3 weeks have created a concoction of what can only be described as a writer’s block. I stared for hours at my screen looking for something to write. I couldn’t write about things that have happened even if they were big. I couldn’t decide on whether putting up an entry about it would be the logical thing to do. I would be regretting it so much now.

I couldn’t even read so much as a phrase in any type of book or internet entry. It could only be classified as grief or a brief reactive disorder lasting for 3 weeks and not needing any medications. Although a mature defense mechanism, humor got me far enough not to break down.

I did make this blog so that I have an outlet for my emotions or my opinions. But sometimes, some things are better not mentioned. Or maybe someday… there may be a better time not to shut up.

Right now, I’m gonna get back to writing… whatever!

Dam managers called liars – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

Dam managers called liars – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

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No coordination? Oh my God. People in high places seems to be uncoordinated when it comes to catastrophes?! This is some sick news. The same thing happened in Ondoy. A week after, Pepeng killed the same way: rising floods augmented by opening spillways, late warnings, and improper evacuation proceedings! If you make one mistake, a reprimand would do and your sorry could be accepted. But make the same mistake two in a row?That’s stupidity. People are finger pointing as to who is to blame but with all the deaths that could have been prevented, this is a hefty toll on anyone’s conscience.

The flow of information is definitely lacking here. Everybody’s making decisions when it should be a coordinated and harmonious process. There should be a central committee overseeing all that could happen and execute the right decisions at the right time. Such executions should be backed by the government especially if the decisions could endanger a few and save a multitude of Filipinos. Nobody should be blaming each other but rather they should back each other up. People that are high in positions should remember that the fate of everybody below them is depending on their decisions. People do die if you f__k up. In this case, a lot of people f__ked up. Wake up! Damn it!

Globe Tattoo Prepaid Sucks!

I am a stockholder of 20 shares of Globe and the company just rented a rooftop space for their microwave tower at my mom’s building. I have been a globe cellphone user for years. It’s sad that I have to write something like this.

Here in Olongapo, the reception sucks even if you live near the Globe Business Center. Sounds familiar? That is because a lot have been posting about how it was the wrong decision to even spend money on the prepaid internet plan. Actually it’s not the device, it’s not even your computer or your location. It’s Globe.

By comparing 2 3G phones of the same make (Nokia N70 in my case) using either Smart or Globe, you can compare the speed and actual connections of both networks. So how about the prepaid internet via PC? The device is a HUAWEI USB SIM peripheral device. You don’t actually need it as your cellphone can act as a USB SIM peripheral device (Use *99# to connect)! The only upside with HUWAEI is that it can access wireless networks faster than 3G. It seems SMART is faster because of the advanced networks available. Globe is still building up its network when in fact it had already sold a lot of Tattoo units and promises fast internet nationwide. They should really upgrade their services. Their churn rate (i.e. rate at which subscribers are switching to competitors) are increasing every year. They come up with a lame excuse such as providing to quality markets because of their high prices but in reality, people notice that they are not getting what they paid for.

ZeroMD supports One Web Day!

And the word shall be out! One Web Day is about how one can contribute to help everybody have access to the internet. You know there was one private program that was successful about ten years back. It was called “Zero Backlog” by the Philippine Long Distance Telecommunications Company. It was a marketing gig but it was also one of the most important technological milestone in our country. Every household was to have access to a landline! The price of an analog phone with all the necessary connection services was waived! The result was an increase in commerce and communications from the more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines. PLDT now has coverage whether you are in an island at the north or south of the Philippines.

Now if you think about it. If one company can do that much to provide access to a telephone, why not the internet. Actually plug the phone to the PC and you have internet access. The problem within our country is that they don’t know how priviledged they are already. They have social taboos that a PC is only evil and provide games that show kids about killing and stuff. Corny but hey it is happening here.

What can I do? I do what I have being doing already. Show how the internet is a profitable method as well as a very good educational tool by providing sites that can help the modern Pedro whether he lives on the slums of Manila or the farms of  Zambales.

What can you do? Read about One Web Day

Spread the Word!

AIDS Research Breakthrough could lead to cure

Scientists from the John Hopkins University found a way to incite replication of latent Human Immunodeficiency Virus in CD4+ cells in vitro. A compound called 5HN and 17 others were able to do this feat. This is an exciting breakthrough as most of the known AIDS regimen are active only when HIV is replicating. Flushing the virus out of hiding will expose these viruses to the drugs thus enhancing therapy and therefore could lead to cure. The current compounds still have to undergo further human studies before a cure can be realized. Still, this is good news as we are one step closer to eradicate this deadly disease.

iPod Nano captures Video

I can’t believe it. A thing that small records videos? It even has an fm tuner and a pedometer. What’s a pedometer? Something that measures steps? That’s right. It’s a fitness guru or a running priest must-have. Oh my. I’m starting to crave the thing I might eat it when I buy it. Hahaha. After project alpha I guess.

Another Storm Brewing



There are 246 people dead and 38 missing. Some of the areas hit by Ondoy are still flooded. Many are still homeless. And now I am alarmed that all over the internet we have news of another storm to hit the Philippines within the next 3 days. The Philippine Weather Bureau has issued a statement that the storm is not yet within the Philippine Area of Responsibility. It has now sustained winds of up to 90 kph. News forecast from the different bureaus around the world has pegged  that it will arrive Saturday as a category I typhoon.

As a kid living in Cavite  and Las Pinas, I grew accustomed to this kind of weather patterns. But never has it hit this hard on the Metro Manila area. And now that people are just reeling from the previous storm, we are faced with another. The only reason that Filipinos are able to survive onslaughts of this kind of calamities is because we stay together, with families, friends and neighbors. There is no such thing as every man for himself among us. Our will to help is always tested and I salute every unselfish hand who wholeheartedly gave their time and resources even if they need help themselves.

Now our will shall be tested again. If you know how to pray, I suggest you start now.