How To Write?

Nobody really needs to know how to be taught to write. If you are reading this post then you already know how to write. You’re just in that writer’s block moment when you just needed some sort of spark and wanted to try out how others are doing at this moment.

Well at this moment, I am stuck between writing that novel I had in mind for the past three years and trying to gather the energy to do so. So far, the first five chapters are already in my head. I just need to pen the damn thing. If you’re wondering why I can’t, I have other obligations as a medical doctor. Continue reading

Book Review: Diablo 3 The Book of Cain

Olongapo City, Philippines —The much anticipated release of the sequel to the Diablo PC game series gave me quite an excitement. As an avid fan for more than 10 years, I have been enjoying much of the literature Blizzard has been putting up the internet. The game’s storyline is solid. It transports you to a world of demons and angels and their eternal struggle. And you play a character in the middle of it. It’s a beautiful saga and finally I was able to piece it all together with this book:

Diablo III: Book of Cain

This is a wonderful read. It starts with the will of Deckard Cain addressed to his niece. It narrates the events even before Diablo I. It soughts to explain the questions left by two preceding games. The book starts with a narrative about Anu and the Dragon; how they were both destroyed in the initial conflict creating the universe as we know it. Anu’s remains became the Worldstone and the Dragon’s, the seven evils as we now know it. The seven evils are Diablo, Baal, Mephisto, Andariel, Duriel (this 5 are the ones we met in the previous 2 games), Belial, and Azmodan. The mention of the latter 2 is a premonition of what we could be expecting at the 3rd installment of the game.

The story continues to tell of the story of King Leoric and his sons Prince Albrecht and Aidan. This narrative is about the initial story of the game as the heroes proceed to venture into the catacombs to seek and slay Diablo, the Lord of Terror. Aidan, the hero of the story is possessed and becomes the Dark Wanderer in Diablo II. The story tells of the slaying of Andariel and Duriel, the two big foes met in Diablo II’s first stages of the game.

Details about the Zakarum, the Vizjerei Mages, the Horadrim and Tal Rasha explain the details behind the main storyline. The archangels, of whom we have only met Tyrael, were also discussed. He happens to be a part of the Council of Angiris at the High Heavens. He was instrumental in saving the human race when a vote came to the council as to the eradication of humans.

The book ends in the last parts of the Diablo II Exapansion storyline. This is where Tyrael destroys the corrupted Worldstone. It explodes and lays waste to the Deadlands of Mount Arreat. New civilizations were mentioned in the last part of the book which could be instrumental in Diablo 3’s storyline like Westmarch, Skovos Isles, Kehjistan and the Torajan Jungles. A new brand of mercenary was also mentioned and they were called demon hunters. Repetition of Azmodan and Belial’s important parts in the future were signs that they will be minor antagonist in the story. Diablo was told to have been banished in the abyss but since he is the main antagonist, we will expect the game to shift a deus ex machina to summon Diablo back into the mortal realm.

The book is available in hardcover by Insight Editions. The interior is filled with monochrome yellow images and penciled artwork from great artists. It looks like an oversize tome that came straight from the game. It’s a great add to fans of the Diablo game out there. Most of whom are already in the working class like me who would also like to pay for kick-ass items like these!

Buy it now from Amazon!

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Zero MD Recommends Elisha Collections!

Since its inception, I’ve been a part of Elisha Collections. Now, I am partly responsible fro spreading the word. I have only a basic understanding of IT but so far it pays to know even a little. It’s a fast paced world. Not keeping up is almost the same as financial suicide. Now I take helm as Elisha Collections’ social media manager. This is one of the hardest task ever. I’m a full-time rural health doctor, sidelining as an ER physician, a husband, father, and now this?? I must be crazy. But hey I am taking steps not to bury myself in work. Every now and then, I have 5 minutes of silence while I’m awake. Just kidding.

The idea is to find a way to work less and earn more. To be able to make that even a tiny bit feasible, you have to work hard. Stocks and Money market are not good for me right now because the market is full of greedy people overpricing the market. The best is to go into business. My wife and I started Elisha Collections actually out of curiosity. We couldn’t get products we like in the net to the Philippine market. We started to find out that the same raw materials in Quiapo, Marikina, and Pandacan are being sold in major Philippine branded clothing stores. They are just marketed differently and priced ridiculously. So we opted to find our own niche. And we found it by importing.

Elisha Collections is now the best distributor of China-made fashion jewelry in Olongapo City. We are now constantly supplying budding retail fashion stores. It’s one of the best things that the global recession taught most of us. It taught us to endure and have an optimistic entrepreneurial spirit. Most of those affected by this paradigm shift are women, including my wife of course. They feel empowered and that is what we provide as a vision for our company. To empower women entreprenuers by giving them a source of income, and a support system to maintain that income. With only 2 employees, my wife and I have to settle to sacrifice a lot with this goal in mind.

Our product line includes bags; fashion jewelry (cheap but of good quality and design) such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings; clothing; belt, watches, and shoes! We have them all listed in! It features 10,000 items that are up for grabs. However due to increase demand, our suppliers find it hard to stock most of them. So you can expect a delay as we negotiate your orders with our suppliers.

As social media manager, I’ve started a new blog which will be our online fashion magazine. Aptly named: 

This will feature detail product previews of our products. Bloggers who like surfing picture blogs will definitely love them. We are currently processing articles regarding women’s health, exercise and nutrition to add to the blog. Nowadays, it’s very easy to be labeled a plagiarist. So I am trying to avoid that pitall. I’m currently editing and giving it second and third looks before giving it a thumbs up. I am also talking to a few local actors if they can give their views. We are doing a major upgrade of Elisha Collections in terms of social media marketing. And it is very hard with limited resources and time. Someday, I’ll be delegating all this to some department but since that department hasn’t existed yet… Well, I’m it.

We got Youtube, Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr, Multiply, and Twitter. I don’t use as much exposure on myself though. Not yet anyway… wink wink. Elisha Collections will be my masterpiece, my soon to be crowning glory of  basic IT-ness. Amidst the polyphasic sleep patterns and a lot of carpal tunnel spasms from too much typing is probably glory on the other side. This company will define us one day. And I’m glad I’m in it from the beginning.

Watch out for many exciting changes in Elisha Collections! Even if you don’t purchase, spreading the word can help us a lot. I love you guys.

Serving Champions – Milo Marathon Qualifiers in Olongapo City

City Health Office, Olongapo City – The recently concluded Olongapo City Milo Marathon qualifier round featured a lot of runners probably in the thousands. Most of the competitors are mainly in it for the  fun to jog or run along with peers from school or work. Some are more than enthusiasts and are vying for a slot in the Nationals to be held on December 11 at SM Mall of Asia.

Volunteers from the City Health Office, led by Dr. Zero Mella and Dra. Elizabeth Carillo, served on the first aid station. They were  accompanied by Jaime Elcaño, Maricor Bernardo, Ariel Acayan, and Perla Canya.

Since the run was conducted in the early hours of the morning, there were no reported heat strokes or any heat related problems. Most of the patients they saw were due to exhaustion. Patients presented with palpitations, hypertension, shortness of breath; and some had minor abrasions which were easily treated.

Medical supplies were rummaged from the city health office. Tournament organizers failed to supply the team with bandages, antiseptics, pain medications and even a supply of water. We noted that the drinking water supply for the runners was empty even before the 21K runners hit the finish line. There was a massive number of runners with an age range of 4 years to 70 years old on the contest grounds. This probably contributed to the shortage of drinks. But despite this limitations, no runners were seriously injured.

The qualifier was a success. You can see in each competitor’s face that they do not regret joining the competition. Each one is a champion in their own right as each one contributed a big favor to their health. Running is a cardio exercise that, done in a regular fashion, can prevent major ailments as arthritis, obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. Awareness to the sport’s benefits was positively brought out to the crowd.

A cheerdancing competition concluded the event. Proceeds of the event will fund Milo’s initiative to provide 10,000 shoes to needy children. Runners in the 21K and 10K category that finished the time limit will get a chance to compete in the 35th Milo Marathon Nationals.

Zero Mella MD on the Independence Day Run, Subic Bay

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Subic Bay, Philippines – Starting as a small joke between me and my wife turned out to be a reality as we signed up on the last minute of the preregistration. Getting up by 5:15 am on race day, we panicked as we were supposed to be there 15 minutes before as the race starts at 5:30. We were out of the house by 5 minutes and on the starting line for the 3K on the dot.

We were amazed at the number of kids on the 3k starting line that we felt embarassed joining the Kids race. Albeit that, we were able to finish our first marathon and we are planning to do it again. We loved the experience and we even took pictures with a few acquaintances. The independence day run was a charity event for the School of Aetas and for other charity events by the Franciscan Sister Order.

New Treatment for Ebola found!

In May 2010, a group of scientists from the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories at Boston University announced they had developed a drug containing small interfering RNAs that prevented reproduction of the virus in monkeys.[33][34] The group’s leader Thomas Geisbert claimed the results of the group’s study showed their experimental treatment resulted in “complete protection” of monkeys from the virus. Virologist Heinz Feldmann hailed the findings of the study as a “milestone” that could be used to combat similar viruses.[35] Geisbert claimed a lack of market interest could impair the development of the treatment for humans, given the comparatively low number of Ebola cases worldwide.[36] The trial on monkeys had been funded by the United States Department of Defense.[34]

The preceeding article is from wikipedia. This dreaded disease which kills within 48 hours after exposure may have met its match. Human trials should be undertaken.

Olongapo Hits 40°C, No Alarms raised

Olongapo Hits 40 degrees midday in Olongapo City today. Nobody was alarmed and thank God, so far I heard of nobody hurt. The  election was just over and people flock the streets of Olongapo anyway, thinking this was just another hot day. PAGASA was right a month ago when they forecasted a much hotter May season. I would suggest patients to have sunblock on at least twice a day depnding on the SPF they are using if they plan to be directly under the sun. Also, always bring water and keep cool. 2 more notches in the temp and I’ll be complaining to the city health office why there was no warning. 40C can already excacerbate many fevers and can cause cardiac arrest or stroke in susceptible individuals.