How to Use the Verbal Pain Scale or VNRS-11

Hi guys! It has been a while since I posted on my blog and here’s the first one for 2015! Fresh from the hospital, I got myself to record a Vlog for my YouTube One Channel.

I got to diagnose myself as having an appendicitis. Of course, I couldn’t operate on myself so I got a friend, Dr. Arnildo Tamayo to do it for me. It just so happens that he is a very good surgeon and he follows the Philippine College of Surgeons policy of No Antibiotics, No Analgesics policy prior to my emergency appendectomy. So I felt the pain all the way right up to the Operating Room.

In this video I discuss how the resident doctors and nurses made mistakes in asking for my pain grade. I show you guys tips on how to do it better. Also I provided a link for the best way or method in providing a good pain scale:

Also I offered my viewers a simple question:

What do you think about the current practice of Filipino surgeons in maintaining the No Analgesics, No Antibiotics policy prior to an emergency appendectomy?

I know some of you would say that the PCS has changed the policy into giving Amoxicillin-Clavunalic Acid 1.2 grams single dose pre-op and opting for Tramadol as a good pain reliever. It’s in their website.

However, most of the surgeons do not practice this, whether they are public hospital physicians or private practioners. They often cite that they are not yet that 100% certain which is why they don’t follow the guideline.

What degree of certainty is needed before they give pain relievers?

Write down what you think below and I’ll put your comments up for review with guest surgeons in a future episode or post.

Take care guys! Happy blogging!

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