The cheapest electricity in the country is in Bataan

The Peninsula Electric Cooperative (PENELCO) has disclosed that Bataan is Php 2.24 per kilowatt hour lower than that of the Manila Electric Company (MERALCO). PENELCO is the Bataan’s local power distributor. MERALCO charges Php 11.59 per kilowatt hour while PENELCO charges 9.35. This transmutes to a 19% difference between the two distributors.

PENELCO general manager Loreto Marcelino said in a statement: “We have, if not the cheapest, one of the cheapest power rates in Luzon. I am 100 percent sure of that. You can safely say that we are the cheapest.”

The rates of electricity will continue to drop as Bataan will continue to purchase from Ayala-owned GN Power plant. The power generation charge is said to be lower than when Bataan was not purchasing from the power plant.

Locals from the area near the power plant reported minimal to no pollution in the areas immediate to the power plant. They are looking forward for bigger businesses to come to the area due to the attractively cheap power prices.

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