Impress a Girl with Sumgyupsal

Whoops it’s Korean night all of a sudden and you’re caught unprepared! Try this tasty treat for your special someone tonight. It’s called Sumgyupsal, or in some it’s spelled Sumgyeopsal. If you’re searching the net for a sudden date emergency and you found this blog first, you’re in luck because you might just be James Bond tonight.

Pick up the lettuce first and act like you know what you’re doing. Try, “… learned this in a business trip once…”

Pick up the rice first with your chopsticks. If you don’t know how to use it, go with your hands. Wink your eye a bit, “it’s a secret ingredient.” If she doesn’t laugh, she’s not that into you.

Then put the bacon on top and then everything else. Pick the onion up, the mushrooms if any, the spices and the garlic if any.

Then wrap it like so. If you are unable to wrap it, then you either placed in too many or the lettuce isn’t too big. You could try to ask the waiter for a bigger piece, but if there’s none, you’ll come up short on your amazing performance.

Then eat it the damn thing with the most funny face you can ever make.

Don’t laugh, I wasn’t even trying. Hahaha.

Then write a thing or two about your experience here. ‘Till next.

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