How To Write?

Nobody really needs to know how to be taught to write. If you are reading this post then you already know how to write. You’re just in that writer’s block moment when you just needed some sort of spark and wanted to try out how others are doing at this moment.

Well at this moment, I am stuck between writing that novel I had in mind for the past three years and trying to gather the energy to do so. So far, the first five chapters are already in my head. I just need to pen the damn thing. If you’re wondering why I can’t, I have other obligations as a medical doctor.

I couldn’t afford to outsource it. For those of you, who have the same problem, you can outsource the whole writing process by signing up at Elance. Write a book proposal and ask for ghostwriters. Or it could also go the other way around by reading a book proposal there and offering to take a job about it. The whole thing could cost from $500-$1000 or probably more if you wanted a better quality novel. It saves time and headaches.

Now why don’t I do it? My credit card got cancelled and I am thinking of getting that headache from all the coffee. I love to write, albeit sometimes I’m gonna need some checking on my grammar. I don’t have a word processor and I need to get my head clear. So this post is like a catharsis of sorts.

Bam! How do writers write? The difference between a writer as an occupation and a writer as a hobby is the hunger. Experienced and incredible writers write because they have to write or there’s no food in the fridge. If you write as a hobby, you are like me, with another focus on your time besides writing. You can’t get it done because you have another source of income. But if you’re literally hungry, and you needed to write that novel or your broke, you have that mindset to make it a masterpiece! So if you’re writing as a hobby, fake that hunger and get that mindset. To the uninitiated, the sentence below has a complete meaning:

I dropped the shovel.

It has a subject and a predicate. But if you wanted more to get a general feel for it:

The shovel started it’s descent the moment it left my hand. It was parallel to the ground at first but due to the imbalance of weight at the two ends and the shift of the wind blowing through it, it started to twist down. An imaginary fulcrum was created causing the metal end to point to the ground. The soil beneath me shivered as the shovel struck the earth. Absent the force of its master, the shovel was merely deadweight. It did not break the earth.

“Not this time,” said the shovel.”Not this time.”

And the soil was spared the indignity of being spoiled by the shovel.

A single thought becomes an array of words. Forgive me it you don’t like it but it was merely an illustration. You can write beautiful prose if you have that mindset of a hungry writer. Read it, reread it, rewrite it. You can keep polishing your work and eventually submit it for publishing. I just wish I could also write mine.

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