Getting to Bloodline -1 in Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade became App of the Week in iTunes and Millions suddenly had the urge to download the free app since it was open for a limited time. I’m assuming that you were like me when I checked the achievements tab in Game Center.


How’d they do that?

I didn’t cheat to look at it in the internet so I couldn’t spoil my game. It became free, I have to relish the moment. My iphone 4s has only been with me for a year and I have never used jailbreak on it.

I finally finished the game, including alternate and tao endings. But I never got to Bloodline minus one! Only one tutorial in YouTube so I decided to give you a better blog version of it since it’s always easier to read.


Get to Bloodline 1 first

Click to restart Bloodline 1 by choosing options from the overhead menu. Then just click the blue box beside “Restart Bloodline 1.”

You will get to the first cutscene again and the tutorial for blocking and swiping will start. Tap, but don’t hold the block button. Continue until you are defeated. On the defeat screen above, there are 2 options. Choose to Save and Restart Castle. You will then see the cutscene below:

And thus achieving “How’d you do that” as seen below:


But wait there’s more: You’ll also receive the complementary easter egg items from the programmers:


  • Dark X-SC2
  • Dark Tempest
  • Dark Fusion
  • Dark Omega XOS-7
  • Dark Halo Ring

Happy leveling!

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