Recommended Download: Temple Run 2

20130127-075649.jpg I got me writing reviews for iPhone app this time. This app is free and so is this review. I just downloaded quite a few apps, more free than paid. I also haven’t written much on this blog. So what the heck.

Presenting Temple Run 2! I got myself addicted to the first one that when this came out on the iPhone I tried to avoid it! LOL! I’m a busy and serious doctor, I wouldn’t want people see me lighten up a bit. I got quite some responsibilities that one time somebody caught me playing Temple Run 1, he tought I wasn’t a serious doctor. He told me I was young, naïve, and probably not the best doctor for the job. I hate politics.

But you, dear reader, know better! Every now and then, you need an outlet to vent out all that seriousness! The more you are busy, the more you need to have fun. With this app, they’d be wonderin’ why you’re suddenly screaming at your cubicle and holding that iPhone near your face. I bought headsets so they don’t know I’m playing.

Everything including the speed, the graphics, and the gameplay is much better than the original. There are a lot of traps for you to hold that grimace for two seconds and another the next. The speed seems to cycle and is quite manageable. Scarlet Foxx and Guy Dangerous characters are back. The only thing I couldn’t find are the wings of resurrection, or I probably haven’t unlocked it yet. Oh well, It’s an endless game. There’s still time for a full review. 😃

It’s a great app! A Recommended download. Hmm, a star system should be in place for this and future review. It could be as simple as:
3 stars – Great, download now!
2 stars – Could be useful someday
1 star – Not worth the money

I grade this app ⭐⭐⭐!

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