Should You Fire Your Specialist? – my comment on the Huff Post article

I’m a GP and I also refer to specialists. I’m not against any specialty since specialists give what is the best evidence-based medical care according to their practice. But there have been instances in my practice when patients came back to me complaining about how specialists handle their management. “It’s too costly,” or “I have no more money to shell out.” My patients always say that the management is great but it’s not for them. Specialists tend to give out their best opinion about any case but often, they forget to tailor the management to the patient’s capability.

I got the author’s point in this post and I don’t really think it’s an attack to specialists. It’s just a wake up call. As for the author’s self promotion, he wouldn’t be a best selling author if he didn’t.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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