Filipino Medical Myth: Bawal Tumalon Pagkatapos Kumain

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Filipino mothers keep this epic advice to their kids — “Bawal tumalon pagkatapus kumain at magkaka-appendicitis ka!” [Translation: Stop jumping after you eat; you’ll get appendicitis] I actually grew up hearing this advice over and over. The funny thing is I kept jumping just to piss my mom off.

This was awfully popular in the 90’s and I have noted various spinoffs. Some were “your stomach will explode” or “worms will come out of your butt.” These and other more ridiculous variations did not last long enough because they cannot carry their own weight. Only the appendicitis myth survived.

I discuss its perverted origins in my book and provide a real-life celebrity example. There have been at least 1 doctor that lectured impaction of feces when jumping as a cause of appendicitis. No scientific paper nor any experiment holds this to be true. There is no predisposition to appendicitis.

Anybody can have appendicitis.

Surgeons know this as this is their bread and butter. So if you’re Filipino, stop blaming your brethren who is going to have his appendectomy. His jumping or doing any vigorous activity did not cause this disease.

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