Book Review: Diablo 3 The Book of Cain

Olongapo City, Philippines —The much anticipated release of the sequel to the Diablo PC game series gave me quite an excitement. As an avid fan for more than 10 years, I have been enjoying much of the literature Blizzard has been putting up the internet. The game’s storyline is solid. It transports you to a world of demons and angels and their eternal struggle. And you play a character in the middle of it. It’s a beautiful saga and finally I was able to piece it all together with this book:

Diablo III: Book of Cain

This is a wonderful read. It starts with the will of Deckard Cain addressed to his niece. It narrates the events even before Diablo I. It soughts to explain the questions left by two preceding games. The book starts with a narrative about Anu and the Dragon; how they were both destroyed in the initial conflict creating the universe as we know it. Anu’s remains became the Worldstone and the Dragon’s, the seven evils as we now know it. The seven evils are Diablo, Baal, Mephisto, Andariel, Duriel (this 5 are the ones we met in the previous 2 games), Belial, and Azmodan. The mention of the latter 2 is a premonition of what we could be expecting at the 3rd installment of the game.

The story continues to tell of the story of King Leoric and his sons Prince Albrecht and Aidan. This narrative is about the initial story of the game as the heroes proceed to venture into the catacombs to seek and slay Diablo, the Lord of Terror. Aidan, the hero of the story is possessed and becomes the Dark Wanderer in Diablo II. The story tells of the slaying of Andariel and Duriel, the two big foes met in Diablo II’s first stages of the game.

Details about the Zakarum, the Vizjerei Mages, the Horadrim and Tal Rasha explain the details behind the main storyline. The archangels, of whom we have only met Tyrael, were also discussed. He happens to be a part of the Council of Angiris at the High Heavens. He was instrumental in saving the human race when a vote came to the council as to the eradication of humans.

The book ends in the last parts of the Diablo II Exapansion storyline. This is where Tyrael destroys the corrupted Worldstone. It explodes and lays waste to the Deadlands of Mount Arreat. New civilizations were mentioned in the last part of the book which could be instrumental in Diablo 3’s storyline like Westmarch, Skovos Isles, Kehjistan and the Torajan Jungles. A new brand of mercenary was also mentioned and they were called demon hunters. Repetition of Azmodan and Belial’s important parts in the future were signs that they will be minor antagonist in the story. Diablo was told to have been banished in the abyss but since he is the main antagonist, we will expect the game to shift a deus ex machina to summon Diablo back into the mortal realm.

The book is available in hardcover by Insight Editions. The interior is filled with monochrome yellow images and penciled artwork from great artists. It looks like an oversize tome that came straight from the game. It’s a great add to fans of the Diablo game out there. Most of whom are already in the working class like me who would also like to pay for kick-ass items like these!

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