Serving Champions – Milo Marathon Qualifiers in Olongapo City

City Health Office, Olongapo City – The recently concluded Olongapo City Milo Marathon qualifier round featured a lot of runners probably in the thousands. Most of the competitors are mainly in it for the  fun to jog or run along with peers from school or work. Some are more than enthusiasts and are vying for a slot in the Nationals to be held on December 11 at SM Mall of Asia.

Volunteers from the City Health Office, led by Dr. Zero Mella and Dra. Elizabeth Carillo, served on the first aid station. They were  accompanied by Jaime Elcaño, Maricor Bernardo, Ariel Acayan, and Perla Canya.

Since the run was conducted in the early hours of the morning, there were no reported heat strokes or any heat related problems. Most of the patients they saw were due to exhaustion. Patients presented with palpitations, hypertension, shortness of breath; and some had minor abrasions which were easily treated.

Medical supplies were rummaged from the city health office. Tournament organizers failed to supply the team with bandages, antiseptics, pain medications and even a supply of water. We noted that the drinking water supply for the runners was empty even before the 21K runners hit the finish line. There was a massive number of runners with an age range of 4 years to 70 years old on the contest grounds. This probably contributed to the shortage of drinks. But despite this limitations, no runners were seriously injured.

The qualifier was a success. You can see in each competitor’s face that they do not regret joining the competition. Each one is a champion in their own right as each one contributed a big favor to their health. Running is a cardio exercise that, done in a regular fashion, can prevent major ailments as arthritis, obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. Awareness to the sport’s benefits was positively brought out to the crowd.

A cheerdancing competition concluded the event. Proceeds of the event will fund Milo’s initiative to provide 10,000 shoes to needy children. Runners in the 21K and 10K category that finished the time limit will get a chance to compete in the 35th Milo Marathon Nationals.

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