New Treatment for Ebola found!

In May 2010, a group of scientists from the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories at Boston University announced they had developed a drug containing small interfering RNAs that prevented reproduction of the virus in monkeys.[33][34] The group’s leader Thomas Geisbert claimed the results of the group’s study showed their experimental treatment resulted in “complete protection” of monkeys from the virus. Virologist Heinz Feldmann hailed the findings of the study as a “milestone” that could be used to combat similar viruses.[35] Geisbert claimed a lack of market interest could impair the development of the treatment for humans, given the comparatively low number of Ebola cases worldwide.[36] The trial on monkeys had been funded by the United States Department of Defense.[34]

The preceeding article is from wikipedia. This dreaded disease which kills within 48 hours after exposure may have met its match. Human trials should be undertaken.

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