Winning Cashflow 202 using a Doctor!

Cashflow 202 is the hardest most realistic financial game I have ever played. The hardest character to use is the Doctor. He has the highest cash flow but the greatest amount of expenses. After a lot of tries I was only able to finish second most of the time but today I got in the Fast Track first and got out winner of the simulated game.

My first goal was to be able to achieve a satisfactory capital to start investing in Real Estate cashflow. I shorted stocks. It was unbelievable. You can short for 5 turns and gamble 10,000 shares. One point difference in stock price is a $10,000 return! This is all using borrowed money. I also bought put and call option but the returns weren’t spectacular. The 2BR/1BA estates were the keeper.

Once I got 100,000+, another player offered the $2 million appartment with a down of 200,000. With the Doctor’s enormous cashflow, I could survive until I could’ve sold it, to which I did. With 600,000+ early in the game I bought everything! I never sold a piece of property. And when it was down to 200,000. I paid off the home mortgage! Bam. It was fast track!

This was a lucky break but I did get to understand much about the game. Now to apply it in real life. Haha. I wish!

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