Globe Tattoo Prepaid Sucks!

I am a stockholder of 20 shares of Globe and the company just rented a rooftop space for their microwave tower at my mom’s building. I have been a globe cellphone user for years. It’s sad that I have to write something like this.

Here in Olongapo, the reception sucks even if you live near the Globe Business Center. Sounds familiar? That is because a lot have been posting about how it was the wrong decision to even spend money on the prepaid internet plan. Actually it’s not the device, it’s not even your computer or your location. It’s Globe.

By comparing 2 3G phones of the same make (Nokia N70 in my case) using either Smart or Globe, you can compare the speed and actual connections of both networks. So how about the prepaid internet via PC? The device is a HUAWEI USB SIM peripheral device. You don’t actually need it as your cellphone can act as a USB SIM peripheral device (Use *99# to connect)! The only upside with HUWAEI is that it can access wireless networks faster than 3G. It seems SMART is faster because of the advanced networks available. Globe is still building up its network when in fact it had already sold a lot of Tattoo units and promises fast internet nationwide. They should really upgrade their services. Their churn rate (i.e. rate at which subscribers are switching to competitors) are increasing every year. They come up with a lame excuse such as providing to quality markets because of their high prices but in reality, people notice that they are not getting what they paid for.


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