Dam managers called liars – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

Dam managers called liars – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

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No coordination? Oh my God. People in high places seems to be uncoordinated when it comes to catastrophes?! This is some sick news. The same thing happened in Ondoy. A week after, Pepeng killed the same way: rising floods augmented by opening spillways, late warnings, and improper evacuation proceedings! If you make one mistake, a reprimand would do and your sorry could be accepted. But make the same mistake two in a row?That’s stupidity. People are finger pointing as to who is to blame but with all the deaths that could have been prevented, this is a hefty toll on anyone’s conscience.

The flow of information is definitely lacking here. Everybody’s making decisions when it should be a coordinated and harmonious process. There should be a central committee overseeing all that could happen and execute the right decisions at the right time. Such executions should be backed by the government especially if the decisions could endanger a few and save a multitude of Filipinos. Nobody should be blaming each other but rather they should back each other up. People that are high in positions should remember that the fate of everybody below them is depending on their decisions. People do die if you f__k up. In this case, a lot of people f__ked up. Wake up! Damn it!


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