ZeroMD supports One Web Day!

And the word shall be out! One Web Day is about how one can contribute to help everybody have access to the internet. You know there was one private program that was successful about ten years back. It was called “Zero Backlog” by the Philippine Long Distance Telecommunications Company. It was a marketing gig but it was also one of the most important technological milestone in our country. Every household was to have access to a landline! The price of an analog phone with all the necessary connection services was waived! The result was an increase in commerce and communications from the more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines. PLDT now has coverage whether you are in an island at the north or south of the Philippines.

Now if you think about it. If one company can do that much to provide access to a telephone, why not the internet. Actually plug the phone to the PC and you have internet access. The problem within our country is that they don’t know how priviledged they are already. They have social taboos that a PC is only evil and provide games that show kids about killing and stuff. Corny but hey it is happening here.

What can I do? I do what I have being doing already. Show how the internet is a profitable method as well as a very good educational tool by providing sites that can help the modern Pedro whether he lives on the slums of Manila or the farms of  Zambales.

What can you do? Read about One Web Day

Spread the Word!


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