Another Storm Brewing



There are 246 people dead and 38 missing. Some of the areas hit by Ondoy are still flooded. Many are still homeless. And now I am alarmed that all over the internet we have news of another storm to hit the Philippines within the next 3 days. The Philippine Weather Bureau has issued a statement that the storm is not yet within the Philippine Area of Responsibility. It has now sustained winds of up to 90 kph. News forecast from the different bureaus around the world has pegged  that it will arrive Saturday as a category I typhoon.

As a kid living in Cavite  and Las Pinas, I grew accustomed to this kind of weather patterns. But never has it hit this hard on the Metro Manila area. And now that people are just reeling from the previous storm, we are faced with another. The only reason that Filipinos are able to survive onslaughts of this kind of calamities is because we stay together, with families, friends and neighbors. There is no such thing as every man for himself among us. Our will to help is always tested and I salute every unselfish hand who wholeheartedly gave their time and resources even if they need help themselves.

Now our will shall be tested again. If you know how to pray, I suggest you start now.


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