Migrating to WordPress

Zero Mella MD

Zero Mella MD

I’ve finally closed my blogger accounts. Migrating to WordPress has been a tough choice. I have been accustomed to Blogger’s ease of use for years. Although I had the chance to import the posts, I preferred not to instead. I want to write starting from scratch again.

WordPress seems to be the best medium for blogging. It has superior features. As I browse through my favorite blog reads, I see that most of them, if not all, are using WordPress.

I’m going to be adding mixed content on this blog so I suggest you use the tags I will be placing if you want to browse my entries. I will be adding medical updates, surgical updates, medical case studies, and if possible, medical training videos. This will be my contribution to my line of work. By trade, I have done Flash and ActionScript programming in the past. Since most were freelance with very little pay, it’s not very high tech and since I don’t have a personal computer, most were destroyed. I want to work on a lot of stuffs using Flash and possibly launch my own API. Since there’s a new version of ActionScript, it’s going to be fun learning about programming again. I heard they made 3D tweens much more easy. Also, since I am also getting into Investing, I would be continuing to write about what I had been ranting recently in blogspot: the Zero MD Fund. I will be renaming this project as “Project Alpha.

As to the time of writing this entry, 100+ Filipinos were reported dead on the flash floods that ravaged Manila. I thank God that none of my relatives were hurt but I also pray for those who were hit hard.


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